XForce - A powerful solution for unmatched liquidity access

Aristex is one among the few, who provides multi-optional liquidity solution for all types of institutions. Be it a new brokerage setup or an established institutions, the Fortex xForce solution is the ultimate liquidity setup everyone would desire for.

Through Fortex5 institutional front-end, our partners can view their aggregated position against us (or any liquidity of your choice) and place coverage trades, view raw aggregated pricing, and decide which prime of primes they want to aggregate for a particular partner. Trades from our brokers trading platforms are funneled to our account via Fortex Liquidity Bridge (or any other bridge for that matter).

Fortex strongly advocate system interoperability and interconnectivity. More than 120+ institutional clients use Fortex FIX 4.4 API for trading. A web API supports integration with back-office systems for reporting, data mining, and business intelligence.


Vertex API Liquidity (liquidity for Vertex to Vertex and Vertex to non-vertex platforms)

Significantly Reduce Your Business Risk with Auto Clearing Bridge Service.

If you are a brokerage house, Aristrex can support you with VertexFX Risk Management Bridge while your business is growing, risk grows whenever the business grows. VertexFX Risk Management Bridge help your business reach the high stakes with no or less risk, while holding some risk is one of the main key features for some creative businesses. VertexFX Risk Management Bridge is a back end forex trading software used to connect your trading FIX based trading platform to us.